Bora Partners

About US

We are merging companies' visions and looking for the best connections for your company's growth, expansion or sale.


The integration of the Region into international capital markets and the strategic integration of innovative enterprises are essential cornerstones of each economy. We aim to become a vital generator and facilitator in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Our vision for the next decade is the development and capital breakthrough of Central and South-Eastern Europe. We will achieve this by attracting robust, domestic and foreign, strategic and financial owners who could ensure faster growth and development of innovative companies.


We connect companies and investors seeking synergic effects to achieve a higher level of growth and business development. We represent the Region and link it to global capital centres to encourage foreign direct investments and to bring the Region closer to international capital markets.

We help companies, entrepreneurs and owners looking for strategic or capital partners to optimal connections. On the other hand, we help companies whose growth strategy is based on acquisitions to identify and take on optimal takeover targets.


The values we act by:

Ethics and transparency. Our guide is the highest ethical principle in every transaction and action. We always act transparently and use the best M&A practices.

Story and optimal price. M&A transactions are not just a purchase or sale. We believe every reasonable price must be backed up by a good story, synergies and new, development-oriented potentials.

Cooperation. Our vision and mission have roots in active collaboration with key players in the capital markets in the Region and international markets.

Professionalism. M&A is a developed discipline that requires good knowledge of strategic, legal, financial, fiscal and other business effects in addition to networking, linking and successful sales and negotiation practices. We can provide top-quality services in all these areas with our competence and knowledge.

Efficiency. We are responsive in our operation and communication, managing processes and procedures quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose US?

We have diversified links to the U. S., Chinese and Arab capital markets and other leading capital centres. We also have established relationships with financial funds and strategic investors in Central and South-Eastern Europe.
We combine rich entrepreneurial and corporate experiences, which means that we understand the needs and processes of both large and small companies.
We come from high-tech companies and therefore master the agile approaches and technological trends that bring top-quality business results and optimal valuation to companies.
Our task is not only to connect companies with capital but also to advise them actively and help them integrate successfully.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.

William Arthur Ward

Why the name
Bora Partners?

Bora is a typical wind for our Region. Its fierce, fresh power refreshes the lungs and brains; it blows away clouds and brings nice serene weather. Isn’t the bora’s feature similar to the turbulence when selling or purchasing a company? And when the turbulence subsides, things are orderly, transparent and promising again. This comparison has inspired us to embrace the bora and name our company after it. Bora Partners.

The decision to give business owners to embark on a search for potential partners who will successfully continue their story is often accompanied by feelings of insecurity, mistrust, and divisiveness. Potential owners face a similar challenge when they enter the company.

But we’re here! Spread your sails! We will be your ally in the most decisive years. You can count on us to land safely in clear and calm waters together.