You can only sell your business once, so do it the right way! We can help. By preparing quality documentation and the correct information, we save you time and empower you to make the right decision.

We will get all the information you need to decide whether to sell your business. We’ll walk you through the whole process and help you with tips on how to maximize price, limit risk, choose the right buyer and, once you’ve made the decision, complete the sale without any complications.

Understanding the business environment is vital.

If you are thinking of selling your company in the next five to ten years, it’s time to start exploring the realistic options on the market today. In this case, we will happily walk you through the sales process and tell you some essential secrets. We will prepare a systematic analysis that will give you an insight into the current market developments about:

  • the current position of the company in the macroeconomic cycle and the outlook;
  • the timing of sales concerning the macroeconomic cycle;
  • the current attractiveness of the sector for business purchases and sales;
  • an analysis of companies’ sales in related industries based on available data in Slovenia and CEE countries.

Understanding your potential customers leads to the right decisions.

Business buyers are different. They are strategic or financial. These may include multinationals, monetary funds, family offices, business angels or anyone else. Each has special requirements, specific goals and unique characteristics, all of which may affect the position and development of the company even after the sale. Therefore, we must know and understand the aspects of potential buyers well. The same applies to potential buyers knowing and understanding you – the seller – well. For this purpose, it is necessary to:

  • identify groups of potential buyers – strategic and financial,
  • create a profile of the company’s ideal buyer,
  • prepare a short list of optimal buyers and
  • analyze the potential directions of the company’s development depending on the groups of potential buyers.

Optimizing the selling price is an essential factor.

Not every buyer is suitable to buy your business, no matter what price they offer. Nor is it wise to sell your business to the right buyer at any cost. The only right tactic is to get the right buyer at the right price! But how to do this? We know how!

  • We will propose solutions tailored to your situation and goals in the document we prepare.
  • We will tentatively evaluate your company with a sales price range.
  • We will propose and shed light on various possible transaction structures:  partial or total sale, your role in the company after the sale, general terms of the transaction, and other issues.
  • We will provide financial and strategic recommendations for optimizing the sales price.
  • We will propose the appropriate legal structure of the company for sale.

How exactly does the process of selling a business work?

We will give you a detailed presentation of the sale process in person and in writing. That will provide you with all the critical information on what to expect at each step and which tasks need to be performed by management, other company employees and the external advisor. These are:

  • phases in the process of selling the company and an explanation of each phase,
  • preparation of documentation (teaser and info-memo),
  • process and ways of contacting potential buyers,
  • due diligence of the company,
  • legal execution of the transaction,
  • requirements or possibilities of your involvement in the company after the sale.

In addition to explaining the process, we also prepare a checklist for your individual situation, explaining all the steps from the creation of the document to the final output.

Why is it wise to take this step with us?

  • If you ever decide to sell later, you will have already explored various options.
  • You will understand all of how the transaction could be structured.
  • You will get all the critical information about sales in one place.
  • You will reach the final decision without stress and pressure.
  • You will already have answers to all your questions regarding the sale of the company.

The prospects & opportunities analysis brings you the following benefits:

  • maximized sales price,
  • properly timed sales,
  • minimum potential risks,
  • prepared and organized internal resources in case of a decision to sell,
  • less stress due to the understanding of the entire process.

The purpose of the analysis is to help business owners answer the following questions: whether or not they should go into the sales process; how they should learn about and start the sales process; what to expect in the phases of the individual sale; when, to whom and in what way they should sell their company and how to maximize the price.

The offer includes:

  • professionally prepared document,
  • live or online presentation,
  • individual counselling.

In the case of creating such a document and subsequently deciding to sell, you will already have information in the paper with many key input parameters for the creation of sales documentation. However, if you choose to consult us for the sales process itself, we will recognize part of the investment you have made in the documentation preparation phase.