Do you want to sell your business at the highest possible price? Then you need to focus on good business results and prepare the company well for sale!

We’re here to help.

Preparing a business for sale is a demanding and time-consuming job. The company must be financially and legally fit for sale, and all its business functions must be strengthened. That is where our expert help could come in handy. You would gain a good understanding of the whole process, particularly the challenges of due diligence, to which you need to pay special attention.

Stay focused on what matters – maximizing business results.

The company’s selling price depends on its strategic position, the story, potential and most often on its financial results (EBITDA). Before selling, the company must be as profitable and stable as possible and have the potential for further growth.

  • Focus on maximising the strategic and financial performance of the company.
  • Leave the preparation for sale to the experts, and devote yourself to your business empowerment instead.

Good preparation is the key to success.

Good preparation of the company for sale and implementation of a set of activities before initiating the sale process will pay off many times over in greater confidence during negotiations, the faster performance of due diligence, a more profound understanding of the entire process and more efficient business functions.

By collaborating with experts, you will succeed in the following:

  • preparing the company for sale according to the due diligence checklist;
  • regulating business functions under scrutiny during the due diligence phase;
  • implementing measures to optimize the selling price;
  • empowering yourself with negotiation arguments for different customer segments.

Maximizing the selling price

A vital aspect of preparing a business for sale is maximizing the selling price. The company needs to be ready financially, strategically and conceptually. That requires implementing a series of measures, including cost optimization, elimination of deficiencies in business operations, product portfolio management, and other issues. To successfully pass due diligence and to achieve the highest possible selling price, it is necessary to:

  • additionally strategically position the company,
  • optimize it financially and set financial targets,
  • address potential risks to avoid a decrease in the company’s value,
  • implement additional measures to maximize the selling price.

A carefully prepared business sales process is imperative. Leave it to the experts!

While you will focus on running the business, we will focus on the process of preparing it for sale. We will present the whole process to you in person and in writing. That will arm you with all the essential information on what to expect in each step, which tasks need to be performed by management, other company employees and the external consultant.

  • You will learn in detail the sales process stages and what you need to do at each stage.
  • Trust us. We’ll guide you through each stage and give you advice, checklists and more.
  • You’ll have our answers to all your questions and advice for the most challenging decisions.

In addition, we can provide you with a sales prospects and opportunities analysis. On this basis, we will identify potential buyers, justify the business’s valuation, and help you with the timing of the sale.

Why is it wise to take this step in collaboration with us?

  • You can focus only on the business and optimum results.
  • We will systematically guide you through all the preparatory stages.
  • Your business will be more organized and ready for all potential challenges when selling.
  • The due diligence process will be faster and with less chance of complications.
  • You will have all the critical information on the sale in one place.
  • You will have all your questions about the sale answered.

Preparing your business for sale will provide you with the following benefits:

  • maximized selling price and faster sales process,
  • organized company to sell,
  • lower risk and fewer open issues during due diligence,
  • greater confidence in negotiating with crucial potential buyers,
  • less stress from understanding the whole process.

Preparing a business for sale means helping the owners to organize internal issues: business functions, everything related to due diligence, implementing the measures to achieve the optimum selling price, and explaining what to expect in each phase.

The offer includes the following:

  • composition of a work plan to prepare the company by business functions,
  • preparation of a checklist for sale,
  • regular periodic meetings with owners to implement measures,
  • regular reporting on the business readiness and the timing of the sale,
  • individual consultancy about the sale.

Preparing a company for sale usually takes between 6 and 24 months. Normally, it takes place in a close circle of owners and executives. Preparation does not mean a final decision to sell; however it ensures a more organized company. In addition, it makes sense to investigate sales prospects and opportunities and identify potential buyers preliminarily.