Considering an exit? Let’s meet at an informal brunch

Dear business owner,

We are pleased to invite you to a brunch and a relaxed exchange of views on the dilemmas of a possible sale of your business.

Creating a successful business is a lifelong project, requiring much hard work, time and energy. Along the way, every business owner, sooner or later, asks himself how to move forward. At times like these, you may also wonder if you were to sell your business. But who do you talk to about it in a non-committal, honest and discreet way?

Our experience is rich. We have even sold companies that have reached a unicorn value. And more! We understand how a business is built and sold and how it operates after the sale. We know you’re wondering whom to sell the business to, how much business to sell, how long the sales cycle takes, and much more.

We can discuss these dilemmas with you completely optional. No two sales are the same. Just as we are different people, companies are also different.

However, the sales process is an established global process, so we can easily explain its basics to you. We can later analyze the prospects and opportunities for sale at your request and help prepare the company for sale.

With this aim in mind, we are happy to invite you to brunch; for breakfast or lunch, whichever you prefer. We guarantee you a professional attitude and complete discretion.

Are you up for it? Let us know! We look forward to talking with you!