Buying / Acquiring a company

A common strategy for a company's growth is acquiring or buying other companies to achieve synergic effects. Unfortunately, many purchase transactions end unsuccessfully due to a misplaced strategy or poorly executed integration.

We are here to give you quality advice when purchasing and acquiring companies. We can participate in the whole process, from setting up a strategy to identifying the most suitable companies and drawing up an integration plan.

How is the typical buy/acquisition process going?

  • We develop a strategy for the growth of the company by taking over another company;
    • by expanding a product portfolio, entering new markets, etc.;
  • identify potential targets (if not yet identified);
  • calibrate potential targets with the buyer;
  • contact potential targets and gather interests;
  • structure the transaction and prepare acquisition (non-binding) offers;
  • provide support in the negotiation process;
  • provide commercial, financial and legal support in the execution of the transaction;
  • advise on integration and faster growth.

We constantly adapt the process of purchasing a company to the customer’s wishes and needs. In doing so, we provide comprehensive legal, financial, fiscal and commercial support with our team or reputable partners, which includes:

  • estimating the company’s value,
  • carrying out due diligence,
  • financial modelling and assistance in the closure of the financial construction,
  • the tax treatment of the transaction,
  • legal support in the execution of the transaction.

Our merits and competitive advantages:

  • support in developing a strategy and understanding integration effects,
  • a solid regional and global business network,
  • use of state-of-the-art sales approaches,
  • involving other top specialists in the execution of the transaction where necessary,
  • support for the integration and use of synergic effects.

We invite you to contact us if you consider growing your business through purchases or acquisitions of other companies. We will be happy to meet with you at a free consultation meeting to explore options and optimal paths toward your business goals.

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