Selling a company

Bora Partners leads the entire process of selling companies on international markets to help sell a company to the optimal buyer for the right price. If the company has had sale documentation ready (teaser, info memo, business plan), we look for potential buyers through our network of contacts until we find the optimal one.

Our heavily expanded business network among buyers in the Region and global capital markets includes investment banks and funds, PE funds, corporations, family offices, business associations, and clubs looking for new purchase opportunities.

In addition to the existing network, we also use our internal process of selling companies; we systematically investigate the market, identify optimal customers, contact them and carry out the entire sales process.

How does a typical company sales process work?

  • We define the objectives and value of the company (including the range of the sale price);
  • prepare investment documentation (“teaser”, “info memo”, business plan);
  • identify potential buyers
    • through our network and
    • own-developed sales procedure;
  • calibrate potential buyers with the company;
  • contact potential acquirers and gather acquisition interests;
  • structure the transaction and collect acquisition (non-binding) offers;
  • support the due diligence process and negotiations;
  • provide commercial, financial and legal support for the transaction.

We constantly adapt the process to wishes and needs. If the company has prepared materials and already carried part of the process out with someone else, we often get involved in finding potential acquirers through our contacts.

Our merits and competitive advantages:

  • a solid regional and global business network,
  • flexibility in the mode and the cooperation process,
  • understanding of the seller’s needs, wishes and desired goals,
  • use of state-of-the-art sales approaches.

We invite you to contact us if you consider selling a company. We will be happy to meet you at a free consultation meeting to explore the possibilities for cooperation.

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